Saturday, 30 June 2007


hari ne bawa cik jan pegi london..naik bas 6.40am kat meadowhall interchange..sampai london lebih kurang pkl 11am dah..hujan je dari pagi ke petang..tapi sempat jugak bawa cik jan pusing2..penat gak ler jalan dari Victoria Station ke Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St.Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square..fuhhh penat tu..rasenye macam jalan kaki dari Pasir Mas ke Kota Bharu agaknye kot...tapi takpe berbaloi le dapat ambik gambar banyak2...dah penat jalan2 dalam 8.40pm naik bas balik ke sheffield...dalam bas dah tak sedar ape dah..punye le penat...sedar2 dah sampai meadowhall interchange dah dlm pukul 12.30am....alhamdulillah dah selamat sampai daaaaa....

Royal Horseguard
Buckingham Palace
Tower Bridge

Friday, 29 June 2007

blooming roses

summer is the season when roses take centre stage...penghujung jun ne boleh tengok mcm2 jenis bunga rose yg cantik2...sekali setahun ape lagi snap jer le gambar2 kat tempat keje..thanks ustaz yusof sbb tolong snap gambar utk antara bunga yg sempat kami ambik sambil2 nak gi punch out keje hehhehehehe....

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Floods in South Yorkshire

teruk betul rupanye banjir semalam..kami duduk rumah jer..nasib baik area rumah tinggi sket..havoc betul jadinye warga sheffield!!!semua tak expect banjir seteruk ne...kesian kat khaty semalam terpakse tido kat rumah kami sebab takleh balik rumah sewa kat London road..stuck kat tengah jalan lepas balik keje..takpe khaty nasib baik tak jadi salah sorang drp 900 org yg terpakse stay kat emergency shelter sebab stranded dalam banjir...alhamdulillah hari ne mendung jer tak hujan...banjir pun dah beransur reda..tapi traffic memang congested habisss..jammed teruk...harap2 le tak berpanjangan...

Monday, 25 June 2007

hujan oh hujan

suasana mendung sepanjang hari..captured dari tingkat atas rumah...

Sheffield banjir lagi!!!!!

sejak semalam hujan turun tak henti2..malam tadi dah dapat amaran banjir mungkin akan melanda lagi dalam masa 24jam...hari ne banjir menyerang sheffield lagi!!!!!buat kali ke 2 dalam masa tak sampai 2minggu....kelam kabut habis kat area sheffield ne..!!!!

kawasan tak jauh dari rumah...banjir teruk...

latest from the star sheffield....
Teenager "swept into raging river" in Sheffield
Major incident: Floods hit Sheffield city centre

By Amy Burns
A BOY of 13 is believed to have been swept into a raging river as South Yorkshire is hit by severe floods.
Officers are investigating reports that a teenager was swept into the River Sheaf in Millhouses Park, Sheffield.A major search, including the force helicopter, is currently underway.Parts of Sheffield city centre are underwater and the Environment Agency has issued severe Flood Warnings in Rotherham, Kilnhurst, Brampton and Chesterfield as the Rivers Don and Rother have swelled to within inches of bursting.There have also been reports of a massive explosion at Firth Rixson near Meadowhall.All public transport to the Meadowhall area - buses, trams and trains - have been cancelled and some workers near the riverside are trapped in their offices.
Traffic in and around Sheffield has come to a standstill as motorists try to battle through the flood ravaged streets.
Kelham Island Museum is reported to be flooded while offices and shops around The Wicker and Nursery Street have been evacuated.Sam Carlisle, aged 35, of Nether Edge, is one of the artists at Sumo Digital, Jessops Riverside, trapped by the floods.He said: "I am stood on a wall at the entrance to our business park and the water on Brightside Lane is at my feet. I can see three cars completely submerged and a BMW flooded up to its roof floating down the road."A wheelie bin has just floated past me, it's like a river, totally unbelievable."We don't know how we're going to get out of here tonight, we're completely trapped, both roads leading in and out of our business park are completely cut off by floodwater."A spokesman for South Yorkshire police said: "People are being advised not to travel and to stay where they are for
the moment."The heavy rain is continuing, and the situation on the roads is deteriorating. If you must drive, drive slowly but at a progressive speed to avoid flooding your car engine. After driving through the water check that your brakes are working properly."For up-to-date information visit and listen to local radio reports.• The following roads are closed:
M1 Junction 34, Attercliffe Road at Norfolk Bridge, Ball Street Bridge at Kelham Island, Barrow Road, Cowley Lane in Chapeltown, Fife Street at Wincobank, Green Lane/Woolley Wood bottom in Ecclesfield, Meadowhall Road, Meadowhall Bus Station, Mill Road in Ecclesfield, Nursery Street, Penistone Road, Saville Street at Norfolk Bridge, Shiregreen Lane, outside Concord Sports Centre, The Common in Ecclesfield, Upwell Street, Whitley Lane in Ecclesfield, The Wicker, Sheffield Road in Rotherham.
Last Updated: 25 June 2007 6:28 PM

Saturday, 23 June 2007

York - Live the history

kali ne kami buat rombongan cik kiah pegi York lak..konvoi ngan family zahuri,kak pah dan anak2...kalo ikut weather forecast hari ne hujan tapi takpe sebab cikjan dah nak balik M'sia lagi 2 minggu so kami tawakkal jer kali ke 2 kami ke York..

hiway M1 menghala ke York..dalam sejam setengah lebih kurang dari Sheffield ke York

singgah picnic dulu kat York Racecourse..sebelum tu sempat gak shopping2 kat carboot sale kat sini..cuaca mendung tengah bersiap2 nak menjamu selera... utama nasi ayam special + cheese cake oleh kak pah..ummmm sedap sngt...nanti boleh try resepi kak pah lak...katanye resepi cedok kat website myrecipe hehheeh...sedapppp...mama ngan cik jan punye menu spaghetti + karipap putar..terangkatttttt...
TAPInye.....kusangka kan panas sampai ke petang rupenye hujan ribut di siang hari..tak sempat nak habis menjamu selera hujan turun ngan lebatnye...habis kami basah lencun tak sempat nak berlari ke kereta...aduhaiiiiiii.....

nasib baik hujan dah reda...kejap jer dah panas terik lak..haiiii UK weather ne...destinasi seterusnya ke Clifford's Tower...posing sume!!!!!!

wahhh..hero sorang ne posing sakan nampak...

catwalk kat tengah2 bandar York..happening sngt...
mama & papa posing kat York Minster

National Railway jer tapi parking sampai £7 per entry...mak oiiii mahalnye....abg muizz le paling excited..dapat naik train lagi...

sebelum balik sempat gak singgah di McArthurGlen Designer Outlet...besar gak kawasannye tapi tak sempat nak pusing dah nak tutup kedai...alahai.....
YORK- Winner of the European Cities Tourism Award
York has been crowned Europe’s top city destination after scooping an international award launched by European Cities Marketing (ECM) and was attended by over four hundred tourism professionals at a gala dinner in Athens on Wednesday, June 13.
Finalists in the category for Best European Tourism City were York, Gothenburg and Valencia. “But York was the clear overall winner,” said Paul Dubrule, Co-founder of the Accor Group and Chairman of Maison de la France.
The city has unique characteristics, such as its 2,000 years of history, a variety of world-class attractions, distinctive shopping, and festivals and events – all of which make it a destination well worth visiting, and on a year-round basis, too.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

lovely summer

wah abg pun nak tolong papa jemur kain ker ne..

adik nia pun bukan main lagi...

abg punye le happy dapat main kat belakang rumah...

Saturday, 16 June 2007

happy birthday abg muizz

happy birthday to abg muizz...hari ne abg dah masuk 2 tahun dah...jgn nakal2 yea...

Britain's Got Talent

seminggu ne kami semua dok layan program realiti tv terbaru kat UK..every 9pm..esok dah final..xsabar nak tunggu sape yg menang...dalam ramai2 peserta tu Paul Pott yang paling amazing!!!!kesian pun ade...He's awesome..absolutly amazing!!!
Paul sings Nessun Dorma

semi final-Paul sings Time to Say Goodbye

Friday, 15 June 2007

sheffield banjir!!!!

hari nie hujan lebat tak henti2 sejak malam semalam lagi...rase macam winter lak...dalam paper hari nie sume cite pasal banjir kat area sheffield ne..nasib baik kawasan rumah tak banjir....alahai summer2 pun boleh banjir kan...unexpected UK miserable!!

The Star Sheffield 15 june
Weather latest: Wettest day for 35 years

SHEFFIELD suffered its wettest day for nearly 35 years in the 24 hours between 9am yesterday and 9am today.
A total of 88mm - about three and a half inches - of rain was recorded at the Weston Park Museum weather station. That was on top of 30mm which fell during the previous 24 hours when the downpour began. Weather expert Gaynor Boon, based at the museum, said the previous wettest day had been on July 15, 1973, when 119mm had been recorded. "The heaviest in recent times was on August 9, 2004, with 77mms. It seems strange that the wettest days always seem to occur in the summer, contrary to popular belief," she said. "In a way we are paying for a dry spring - there was less that 10mm of rain throughout the whole of April," Gaynor added. The downpour yesterday and today represented the whole of the usual average rainfall for June - with 25 per cent extra on top. Amateur weather watcher Stanley Wraith in Meersbrook recorded similar rainfall, with 82mm in his own rain gauge. "That compares with just 8mm during the whole of June last year. "I've been collecting statistics for the last 20 years and it's easily the wettest period I've known. I had to empty my rain gauge before I went to bed as it was in danger of overflowing!" he added.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

strawberry picking

dah penat jalan2 kat Elsecar..kami singgah kat ladang strawberry...sekarang ne musim strawberry rugi kalo tak pegi memetik sendiri strawberry yang tengah masak ranum di ladang..besar2 buahnye..hasilnye dapat le £3.94 untuk 2kg lebih...

wahhh..masing2 tekun nampak...abg pun bukan main lagi ye...

abg dah dapat satu..yummy..yummy...

adik nia pun excited jugak nampak...

abg org paling banyak petik..termasuk yg muda pun dia nak ambik gak..isk2..

dan inilah hasilnye!!!!...

abg berjalan puas...puas hati dapat petik buah hari ne..

dan adik nia...ummmm masuk kete jer terus tidooooooo....penat agaknye...

Elsecar Heritage Centre

weekend ne kami jalan2 ke Elsecar Heritage Centre..tak jauh dari rumah..dalam 20minit jer..ok jugak bawa family jalan2..macam2 ade kat sini...cantik jugak tempat dia...

bersama warga melayu Firth Park jalan2 bawa family....

Thursday, 7 June 2007

kari kepala ikan salmon

wahhhhhh bersemangat makan nasi hari ne...berselera sungguh..mau taknye...hari ne papa borong ikan salmon 'trimming' kat MORISSONS...£1.59 sekilo..murahhhhh tu...siap mintak 4ketul kepala lagi..mane nak dapat harga semurah ne...papa siap beli 4kg lebih lagi!!!!sampai mat salleh tengok pun pelik agaknye kot....1 plastik borong!!!!balik rumah mama masak kari....terangkat habissssss...takpe janji puas dapat makan kari kepala ikan salmon hari menu hari ne kari kepala ikan salmon dan pajeri nenas...fuuuhhhhhhh

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

cayang adik..cayang abang juga!!!

time mood elok ne ape kata kite posing dulu....wahhh abang muizz dah tak jeles kat adik nia dah ker???cayang adik..cayang abg gak....muuahhhhhhhh

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

summer time

cuaca tak menentu seminggu dua ne..kejap panas..kejap hujan..kejap mendung...tapi yang pastinya abg muizz dah boleh pakai short dah..dah tak sejuk mane dah sekarng ne...tapi takpe semayang jgn lupe yer abg...
dan adik nia macam biase ler...makin besar makin bulat lak dia ne...dah pandai nak tegur orang dah sekarang ne yek..

Sunday, 3 June 2007

pulut inti & seri muka

hari ne mama masak pulut..bestnyeeee..memang favourite papa pulut ne..wahhhhh menjadi jugak pulut inti ne..hehheheheh merah sngt le makngah mcm dulu2.....seri muka pun bestttt...mama masak ngan microwave jer..terrer tuuuu hheheheh...berselera mkn pulut kat UK ne...dkt Sheffield ne ade kedai pakistan jual beras pulut 99p 500g...RM14 tu sekilo!!!!!!...

Saturday, 2 June 2007

6am di sheffield

malam tadi siapkan asgmnt..tetap tak siap2 lagi..tensyen jugak kadang2..time nak menaip jer..banyak sngt iklannye..alih2 asgmnt entah ke mana..takpe take ur time...alang2 tunggu subuh pkl fmly kat M'sia..malas plak nak tido..maklum le pkl 4am dah start cerah dah...teringin plak nak gi mencuci mata kat carboot Junction 30 M1...dekat2 dengan tunggu aje le..kot2 jumpe barang yg ok2.... tapi pagi ne jerebu tebal le plak....
tapi akhirnya..berbaloi jugak pegi carboot hari ne..papa dapat kasut NEXT £2 jer..condition ok sngt2..utk mama mcm biase t-shirt & jaket lawa2 mesti beli punye..utk abg muizz semestinya toys Red Tractor!!!